TGS curriculum

TGS Curriculum( Early years Foundation Stage)

At Kindergarten level we follow a specialized curriculum developed by Athena academic council which is a blend of Indian Gurukul methods, U.K. National curriculum skills and creativity standards of Finnish education. We mention it as the Athena’s six pillars of education. From Grade I we the CBSE curriculum along with Athena’s six pillars of educations.

The KG curriculum sets standards for the learning, development and care of children from year 1½ to year 6. The curriculum framework supports an integrated approach to early learning and care. Children are taught through games and play with the support of Information Technology and a host of UK based educational softwares.

The core content areas of the curriculum is built on following orientations :

  • Language Orientation
  • Mathematical Orientation
  • Historical and societal orientation
  • Natural Science Orientation
  • Physical Orientation
  • Aesthetic Orientation
  • Ethical Orientation