Enrolment Procedures


Applications for admission to TRIVANDRUM GRAMMAR SCHOOL & BALLOON NURSERY must be made to the Principal by the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the learner. The Principal shall admit any learner provided the learner meets the admission criteria mentioned below. We provide an environment where race, culture, religion and economic standing are not an impediment to the access of, or progress, in any aspect of school life.

No pupil who qualifies for admission according to the admission requirements outlined below will be refused admission on grounds of race, culture or religious belief.

All applicants and their parent(s)/guardian(s) must consult the School's Prospectus with special note of the following:

  • School's Code of Conduct
  • School Rules
  • School Uniform Requirements

  • The following criteria apply for admission:

  • The admission criteria shall remain within the discretion of the School Governing Body.
  • Preference will be given to those applicants who live with their parent(s)/guardian(s) in closer proximity to this school.
  • Proof of scholastic achievement and current grade must be provided for academic planning reasons, i.e. a copy of the most recent report. (only for grade UKG and above)
  • The age of the pupil must be as below

  • Class Age to be completed as on 30th June

    • Play group 2.5 yrs
    • KG - 1 3.5 yrs
    • KG - 2 4.5 yrs
    • Gr. I 5.5 yrs
    • Gr. II 6.5 yrs

  • Learners must be prepared to receive physical education, unless specifically exempted.
  • The learner is obliged to comply with the School Rules, the Code of Conduct and other Policies listed above and contained in the Prospectus.
  • A certified copy of the applicant's Birth Certificate / Aadhar / Passport must accompany the application.
  • Certified copies of parent'(s)/guardian'(s) Identification Documents are required.
  • Residential addresses should be that of either a parent or a legal guardian, and documentation to prove legal guardianship needs to be provided. The learner should permanently reside at that address.
  • No learner will be admitted to the school without a prior interview This applies to all grades.
  • Administration of the Admissions Policy
  • In order to achieve the foregoing, the measures listed below will be implemented during the management of the enrolment process.

    STAGE 1
    • You are required to fill in the registration from provided and submit the same along with the attested copies of relevant documents proving the name, age date of birth, address and parental details. (Birth certificate / passport / aadhar)
    • You are also required to submit the following :
      • Official copies of the student's academic reports for the previous academic year, if admission is sought in class UKG or above.
      • Transfer Certificate from the previous school. (From Gr. II onwards)
      • Five recent passport size photographs
      • Medical Record filled in and signed by a registered medical practitioner in the prescribed format provided by the school.
    • Once your application is received, the admission process will begin. Your child's age will give the initial indication as to the appropriate class in which the child shall be admitted.
    STAGE 2

    • After receiving the initial documentation with your child's application, we will arrange for an assessment to place your child in the appropriate class. (only for classes UKG and above).
    • The assessment will be based on what we expect a child to be able to do by the end of the preceding school year, though those seeking admission during the final term will be assessed using learning objectives from the current year of study.

    STAGE 3

    Upon clearing the above stages the child will be directed to proceed with payment of admission fee which confirms the admission.