From the Chairman's desk


Dear All,
I am happy to state that we are committed to all parents for providing Indian Education from Nursery Level up to Senior Secondary level at an affordable cost to their children. While we deliver CBSE curriculum, our curriculum is also blended with the values from ATHENA which is our research foundation. ATHENA foundation stands for developing our students to become productive individuals as they grow up in life by making them good thinkers who possess essential life skill techniques towards self protection, possessing strong cultural understanding and community integration qualities, become skilled and committed performers at work and well trained individuals to the use of digital technology. Therefore the curriculum that we provide focus on the six pillars of education fostered by ATHENA such as attainment of knowledge with skill and creativity to use the knowledge acquired through education, develop students as independent thinkers who shall question to understand on what they understood and develop home values like love, tolerance, patience, respect and acceptance to others while engaged at work or in home or in the society. Our curriculum also focuses on integrating the children with nature to become balanced and immunized with the Mother Nature. Finally we promote a campus in happiness where the student community is engaged in happiness continuously. We are committed and proud to say our motto that unless you are not happy we are not happy.
Thank you for your patient reading and wishing you good lucks and happiness.